When you send a solar light to a refugee family -- it is so much more than just a light.

It means growth: Instead of spending money on kerosene - solar light recipients are counseled by us to save that money towards their goals - to buy a goat, a bike, something that will help them improve their lives.

It means safety: By removing kerosene from the home – it means less danger from burns, less exposure to toxic smoke, and less chance of a fire that could destroy their home.

It means education: Having a light in the home means there are more hours that can be spent teaching, learning, educating.

It means empowerment: Lights help women safely walk at night.

It means independence: Solar means power - potentially the power to charge a cell phone or another electronic that may be the key to outshining their current circumstances.

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They say it takes a village! Meet the people and organizations behind this project.

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Learn the detail behind this holiday season project.

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A photography exhibit and 160 paper lanterns created by the 4th and 5th graders from OLG!

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Meet the good friends who have agreed to help.

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Light Photography Contest

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