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First we had to have many meetings, phone calls and emails to make sure this idea would work. 

American Refugee Committee (ARC) has an office in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement and knows first hand what the needs are. They employ refugees for everything from community activism to overseeing large projects like clean water treatment facilities.

When ARC contacted their main point person at their Nakivale Settlement office - he was ecstatic at the suggestion of solar powered lights! He knows just who needs them and how they can help their programs. His name is Joseph and he will be in charge of distribution at the settlement.

We also spent time working out details with Kevin Kuster at Watts of Love. We have confirmed that they have the inventory. They have the infrastructure needed to handle the orders.

Kevin told me that he had been looking for partnerships just like this one. Watts of Love recognizes that they cannot help everyone who needs a light. They were happy to join forces with a non-profit like ARC who has people on the ground all around the world.

This project is just a small - three month project run by a single person.. but perhaps someday it will grow and we can send even larger lights to an even larger amount of people!



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After you purchase a light, what happens next? Well - first we will send you a thank-you card. Enclosed in the thank-you note will be a smaller postcard that you can use as a gift to someone if you like. It will tell them that a solar powered light has been purchased in their name and donated to a refugee in Uganda.

After that - we (ARC) will take the donated money and purchase the headlamps from Watts of Love. In return, Watts of Love will send the lights to ARC. Then - ARC staff members will bring the lights with them to Uganda. ARC has staff traveling there regularly. Each person that goes should be able to bring at least 200 lights with them per trip! And the best part -- the ARC staff will provide follow up for us! We will be able to see the lights being handed out and in action! We can't wait to hear all of the ways they are put to good use! The refugees have many ideas for them already! Follow our blog to watch this project grow! 


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We charge $18 per light. You can buy one by clicking here. 

The lights cost us $15. The additional three dollars pays for materials, administrative and shipping costs. Both the Watts of Love and American Refugee Committee are donating their labor costs to make this project happen.

The lights




Watts of Love distributes many types of lights. The larger lights have USB ports so recipients can charge a cell phone or other electronic device. This can be life changing for some people. We decided on the headlamps. They’re small. We can fit over 100 in a suitcase. We believe they will make a very large impact. 

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