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Hi! Are you an influencer and willing to help? We would love to have you!

Our influencer program is very simple!

 We ask that you share a photo that uses light in an interesting way to your popular social media channel and talk about the project in the caption! In exchange - we will donate one headlamp in your name! (This is made possible by our sponsor Tradition Companies.)

Possible highlights you can talk about with the program:

  • The Shine On Project is a 3 month long project that goes through January 1, 2018.
  • The goal is to send as many solar powered headlamps as possible to the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda. 
  • The refugees who live in the settlement do not have power. A light will mean keeping dangerous kerosene out of their homes. Less smoke, less burns. Less money spent on fuel, more on food. It will mean freedom to walk or work at night. It will mean the possibility of education after dark. 
  • This project is a partnership (started by Jill Emmer) between American Refugee Committee and Watts of Love. Two midwestern non-profits with the mutual goal of helping others.
  • There is a photography contest. Use the hashtag #TheShineOnProject your photos that use light in an interesting way for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card. The winner will be announced on the @jjcommunity and @shineonyoucraydiamond instagram feeds on December 18th. Contest information is on the project web site.
  • When you purchase a light online, the light is sent directly to Uganda. You will receive a thank-you card in the mail. Inside the thank-you there will be a small postcard that states "A donation of a solar powered light has been sent to the Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda in your honor." These cards can be used as teacher gifts, employee gifts, etc.
  • Web site:

Want to do more?

- Buy a headlamp! Order one or more to be sent to Uganda!

- You can also sign up to become a Project Ambassador! This means you will commit to recruit a minimum of 10 people to purchase headlamps. Some friends are having "Do Good" happy hours, bake sales, art sales, etc. Send us an email at to learn more!


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